Energy Policy

On Thursday we were lucky to have a visit from Caroline Flint, the Shadow Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change.  It was good to get the opportunity to discuss energy policy with her.  Whilst she was in Dundee she launched a Labour campaign to highlight Labour's promise to freeze energy prices after the next General Election.  This is a pledge that others don't want to match, partly it seems to me from fear of upsetting big business.

Away from the campaigning side of the visit I was pleased to join Jenny Marra MSP and Caroline on a visit to the excellent Sun City Eco Demonstration House.  it was great to hear about the work of Solar Cities Scotland.  I know that they are doing a great job promoting energy efficiency and carbon reduction in the West End and in other parts of Dundee.  It was good to hear Solar Cities outline their work and highlight what their problems are and where there should be more support.  A key issue is about how we create schemes which deal with fuel poverty but which also tackle carbon reduction.  There is a lot that could be done at local government, Scottish Parliament and House of Commons level and all three of these need to work together to deliver real changes which will make a difference to people living in fuel poverty and which will also deal with carbon emissions.  This is a real challenge.

I would urge people to have a look at the work of Solar Cities Scotland and also if they can to visit their Eco-demonstration house during Dundee Doors Open Weekend 13th & 14th September.