Fortnightly Bin Collections

At long last the SNP Administration brought forward their plans for fortnightly bin collections on Monday evening.  I was hugely disappointed that the SNP Administration was not prepared listen to the views of any opposition councillors.
I moved a motion which would have meant that there was a consultation before a decision was made rather than the rather strange idea that now a decision has been railroaded through there will be now be a consultation.
I want to see the council get this policy right but it is clear to me that we should have listened to the workforce and their trade unions and to the people of Dundee. 
You can read some of what I said on Monday evening below:
'Every time these plans have been mentioned I have made clear that I am not opposed to the concept of fortnightly bin collections.


But I have made clear that I believe that with such a major change to a core service provided by the council requires there to be a major consultation process with the public of Dundee.


That is why I was happy to support you, Convenor, in June 2013 when you brought forward report 18-2013.  That report brought showed the many problems that we face and highlighted the need to include a wide-ranging consultation in this work prior to their being a final decision.


‘I also want to make sure that as many people from our communities can become involved in this process and that their views can be heard.’  Not my words Convener, that is what you said in a News Release issued by the Council PR Department on 3 June 2013.


Convener I want you to be successful in your ambition to improve recycling rates in this city.  That is why you should agree with my motion this evening.  I want the public of Dundee to have a say in how this is brought forward.


I trust the people of Dundee, we should outline to the people of Dundee the issues before us give them some realistic options and ask for their views.  What do we have to fear from the people of Dundee?


Offering a so-called consultation after the decision has been taken is perverse.


I am calling for a full and transparent consultation with the people of Dundee about the future of a service which impacts on every household in the city.  It is important that we get this right, to do that let’s hold a consultation.