West End Local Community Planning Partnership

On Thursday evening I attended the quarterly meting of the Local Community Planning Partnership in the West End.  This was an interesting meeting which discussed a wide range of issues.  The Local Community Planning Partnership brings together a wide range of partners from the public and private sector.

There was a presentation on a proposal to organise a time bank in the West End.  If you are interested in this proposal for the West End there is a meeting about how to take this forward on 23rd August at 10am at the Volunteer Centre, Number 10 Constitution Road.

There was an interesting discussion on the council's actions on derelict land and buildings in the West End.  The council is starting to take this issue seriously but I think that the council should be looking at ways in which they can take serious action against owners who consistently refuse to take their responsibilities seriously.

The City Council's Housing Department is consulting on changes to the council's Housing Allocations Policy and there was a presentation on this.