Update on Harris Academy

Last week at the City Council's Education Committee Mr Arthur Forrest who is a teacher's representative on the committee and an official of the EIS trade union raised concerns about the cleanliness of Harris Academy at the Rockwell site as well as a number of health and safety issues.  I was very concerned to hear these allegations and I asked that the Education Department deal with them quickly, I also asked to be kept informed of progress towards dealing with the concerns.  The Director of Education has responded with a report that you can see here

According to the report there are no on-going issues.  I hope that this is the case.  It is crucial that the young people now being educated at the Rockwell site are in no way disadvantaged by these issues.  I am committed to working with the council, with Harris Academy staff, pupils and parents to ensure the best possible education for everyone using the school.  I am determined to ensure that staff are working in an appropriate environment.  We should be very concerned when trade unions raise issues.  It is their job to speak on behalf of their members, and I hope that the City Council's Education Department will listen to what they have to say in the future.