Blacklisting Meeting

Last week I received a very welcome visit from Willie Thomson, an organiser with the trade union Unite, along with two Dundonians who are the victims blacklisting, Francie Graham and Stewart Merchant.  It was good to get the chance to hear first hand about the impact of blacklisting on the lives of people in Dundee.  It was also good to hear from Unite about their campaign against blacklisting.  I have already heard from GMB and UCATT about their concerns.

On behalf of the Labour Group on the council I am bringing forward a motion opposing blacklisting and committing Dundee City Council to take appropriate action to ensure that public money is not given to companies which are operating a blacklist.  As I have said before I think that this is an issue of fairness.  It is about whether how we think people should be treated.  Should people who are trade unionists and have an interest in health and safety be discriminated against and have their livelihood taken from them?

I hope that Dundee City Council will speak with one voice on this issue and give a clear signal that we believe that there is no place for blacklisting when the issue is discussed on 19th August.