West End Community Council

Tonight I attended the May meeting of the West End Community Council.  There was a range of local issues raised this evening.  The local police reported on the recent spate of graffiti attacks in the West End.  It is important that we have zero tolerance of graffiti.  Anyone with any information about these graffiti attacks should contact the police.

A number of local people raised their concerns about the changes which have taken place to the recycling centres in the city.  One person pointed out that when told that they would have to take the material to Baldovie (they weren't sure where it was) they simply put the material in their grey general rubbish bin.  So this instance was a dent to Dundee's recycling record.  How many more people are taking this view?

Many people drew attention to the environmental impact of the  changes.  The City Council may have a slightly decreased carbon footprint as a result of fewer lorries taking recycled material between the three recycling centres.  Local people felt though that the carbon footprint of the city as a whole was most probably higher as a result of the changes.  Many people have been raising their concerns about this with me.  I have also raised my concerns that there may be a rise in fly-tipping as a result of this change in policy.  I am looking for action from the council on this matter.