What a welcome to Dundee!

As Labour's Environment spokesperson on Dundee City Council,  today I called for a compromise on the issue of the public toilets at Dundee Bus Station.  The public toilets have been run by the City Council's Environment Department until now, but at the recent budget meeting the decision was made for the council to withdraw from provision of this service.  The council believes that Stagecoach who operate the bus station should take over running of the facility.  I understand that Stagecoach are unlikely to take over running the service and that the toilets may well be closed.  I believe that the bus station plays an important part in welcoming people to the city and that a toilet is an essential service to offer a good welcome to the city.  I'm offering to mediate between the SNP-led Council and Stagecoach on this issue.  I've written to Sir Brian Souter who owns Stagecoach and the Director of the Environment Department asking that they get round the table to find a solution to this important issue.

I understand the logic of the council's position at the budget, but it is essential that the bus station offers a good welcome to the city and providing a toilet is part of that.  I am calling on Stagecoach and the City Council to get round the table to find a solution which suits everyone.  As a council we have a duty to promote the city and to provide a good welcome to visitors and to returning Dundonians.  What message would having a bus station without a public toilet give?  We need to have a vision for the city which promotes the city at all times.  I hope that the SNP-led Administration and Stagecoach can find a solution to this issue in the best interests of the city.