Concern over Ninewells Cover-up

Ninewells Hospital is in my ward, in all my dealings with the hospital and its staff I have been really impressed with the dedication of the staff.  I am concerned that an inspection report from Health Improvement Scotland has been buried.  It is important that inspection reports are used to develop  best  practice.  The report concerned the treatment of older patients and suggested that as many as 35 patients were waiting on trolleys and wheelchairs for a bed.  People across Tayside need to have confidence in services at Ninewells and systemic failings need to identified and dealt with.  I'm not sure that covering up a report is a way to give people confidence in the service.

My colleague Jenny Marra MSP has been searching for answers on this matter.  I hope that she is successful.  The health service needs to be open and transparent and accountable.  If there are problems then these need to be faced head on, covering up problems does not mean that they have been dealt with.  There are important lessons to be learnt on openness, transparency and accountability for the health service here.

You can read a report on this from the Sunday Herald.