Rembering Ronnie - Re-Name Caird Park Stadium

As Dundee Labour's  Environment Spokesperson on Dundee City Council today I backed calls to re-name Caird Park Stadium in honour of the late Ronnie McIntosh.  Caird Park Stadium is in the care of the City Council's Environment Department.  I believe that there should be a lasting memorial to Ronnie McIntosh's memory in the city and I believe that re-naming Caird Park Stadium would be an appropriate way to remember Ronnie McIntosh.

I was very sorry to hear of the death of Ronnie McIntosh.  I met Ronnie on a number of occasions, nearly all related to sport.  I vividly remember speaking to him on the evening when the Olympic flame came to Dundee, Ronnie was clearly delighted to have been one of the torchbearers in Dundee.  I know that he had used that event to encourage others and that he had taken his Olympic Torch to a number of organisations and tried to encourage young people especially in sport.  For example, he spoke to my daughter's gymnastics club.

I think that there should be a lasting legacy and memorial to Ronnie in Dundee.  It is important that his memory is honoured in some way.  I support the call to re-name the Caird Park athletics stadium in his honour. I also think that we should be looking for ways to support disabled sports more.  I have written to council officers to ask for their views on this issue and to see how it could be taken forward.  It is clear to me that if the stadium at Caird Park is to be re-named in Ronnie McIntosh's honour then the people of Dundee will have to make their views known and tell their local councillors that they support this move.  I would also urge people to show their support for the Evening Telegraph's excellent campaign.