Improve Standards in Care Homes

At this week's Social Work and Health Committee I spoke on the report which looks at the standards in Care Homes in the city. I pointed out that it is essential that the council ensures that it promotes high standards in care homes.  Through the Free Personal Care policy millions of pounds are being spent in Dundee on care homes.

I would urge anyone who has a loved-one in a care home to take a good look at this report.  I raised the iniquity that council run care homes have inspection reports reported to the council's Scrutiny Committee.  Bear in mind that there are huge amounts of public money being spent in the non-council run care homes.  I think that the public deserve that someone will examine the reports written by the Care Inspectorate.  We cannot allow public money to be spent without some oversight of how it is being spent.  I was pleased that the Convener of Social Work and Health agreed with my suggestion that we should be looking for some way to ensure that reports for all care homes where public money is spent are reported to the council's Scrutiny Committee.  The reason for this is to ensure that standards in care homes across the city are improved for all of the vulnerable people who are using these services.

I look forward to progress on this issue.