LP will have to wait for Jag

At the City Council's Policy and Resources Committee last night there was an item which suggested that the Civic Cars should be upgraded.  The plan was to replace the Lord Provost's current Volkswagen with a Jaguar and to replace the current second car, a Volvo, with a people carrier.

There was no option appraisal in the very brief report so we could not tell which options were the best for the city.  In recent months at the Environment Committee we have agreed a number of reports where the council has bought end of lease vehicles or has renegotiated the lease at the end of its term.  I wanted to know why if this was good enough for the workers it is not good enough for the civic cars. We were also told that on occasion the council has had to hire mini-buses and therefore a people carrier is needed, I found this strange as the council owns a large number of mini-buses some of which appear to be underutilised. Thankfully, it was agreed to bring back a fuller report to the next set of  committees and therefore the Lord Provost is going to have to wait before he gets his Jaguar.