Feast of Christ the King - St Andrew's Cathedral

On Sunday I attended the Civic and Academic Mass for the Feast of Christ the King at St Andrew's Cathedral on the Nethergate.  Each year the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dunkeld invites councillors, parliamentarians and others serving in public life as well as representatives of both universities.  The Diocese always thanks us for our service, whilst I certainly wasn't looking for thanks it is always very nice to receive thanks anyway.

I was sad to see that Bishop Vincent Logan was not present due to ill health but it was very nice to see Bishop Nigel Peyton of the Scottish Episcopalian Diocese of Brechin, in what Father Jack from Father Ted would call 'an ecumenical matter.'  Canon Michael Milton from St Andrew's Cathedral celebrated the Mass and in his homily he challenged all of us to work towards building a kingdom of justice and peace. 

The welcome at St Andrew's Cathedral was as warm as ever and the music in the Liturgy was very, very good.