Progress on the Living Wage

I welcome progress towards the implementation of the Living Wage policy by Dundee City Council.  I've been calling for the policy, agreed by the council in March, to be implemented as soon as possible.  I am also calling for the City Council to support the proposed Living Wage (Scotland) Bill put forward by John Park MSP in the Scottish Parliament.  I've been informed by the council's Chief Executive that a report on the implementation of the Living Wage will be brought forward at a meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee on 29th October.
I was really pleased that the council agreed to support the Living Wage way back in March, and I think that it is important that this policy is implemented as soon as possible.  In effect the council agreed a pay rise for a couple of hundred council employees in March, these workers should have that money in their pockets sooner rather than later and I would hope before the end of the year.
I also hope that the council will take the lead and support the Living Wage for other workers in the city.  The council should be looking to encourage other organisations to pay the Living Wage.  We should be looking at ways in which we can ensure that companies that receive contracts from the council pay the Living Wage.  This is why I think that the council should support the Living Wage (Scotland) Bill. I look forward to receiving the report at the end of the month and hope that it will mean real progress on the Living Wage for the benefit of everyone in the city.