Road Safety at New West End Schools

At the City Council's City Development Committee this evening there was a report about a school keep clear order for Glenagnes Road.  I welcomed this report. As a local resident I have been seeing various signs and barriers going up in the area surrounding the new schools on Blackness Road/Glenagnes Road. 

I asked for a reassurance on a couple of matters.  Firstly, I wanted a reassurance that once the council approved the keep clear order that the appropriate signs and road markings are in place in time for the opening of the new schools.  I was told that this was the case, which is good news and I will certainly be keeping an eye on this.

I also asked for some reassurance that traffic at this site and in the surrounding area will be monitored after the schools are open and that action will be taken swiftly if it is required.  I think that this is important for the road safety of everyone attending the schools and also, importantly, for local residents.  Once the schools open the level of traffic in this area will rise substantially it is important for school users and local residents that this is monitored and action taken to prevent problems. 

I was pleased to be told that this was the case but I will be keeping a very close eye on this issue because it is essential that problems are dealt with quickly.  I will also be looking to hear from local residents and parents, carers, pupils and staff about traffic issues in this area.