Kemback Street Day Centre

Today as I was walking through the City Centre I came across some service users, parents, siblings and carers from the Kemback Street Day Centre.  They were collecting signatures for their petition to prevent the closure of the Kemback Street Day Centre.  The council approved a report in March which agreed to 're-provision' the service at Kemback Street.  I now know that in this context 're-provision' means 'close'.  I am afraid that I didn't know this back in March.  This was a very poorly written report and is part of a very disappointing trend to obfuscate rather than elucidate in council reports.

It is clear that the service users at Kemback Street and their families and carers have not been properly consulted on the council's plans.  I think that the council should stop the process and have a proper consultation with service users and their carers.  If the council's policy is right and there is no financial motive in the closure, as we are told by the council, what do they have to fear?

I signed the petition today to show my support to the users of Kemback Street Day Centre.  I want to be part of a council that listens to the people of Dundee not one which uses slight of hand to change policy.  There was a report on the action taken by the Kemback Street Support Group on STV tonight and you can see the report here.