West End Residents Should Make Voice Heard on Parking Scheme

I welcome progress on the proposals for a Residents' Parking Scheme in the West End. The City Council is to consult on proposals in the autumn after some years of inactivity on the issue. I'm calling on local residents to make sure that their voices are heard on this issue. It is important also that the council listens to local businesses and also to people who live just outside the area where the scheme is likely to operate.  Last year I called for clarity on the issue and I hope that we will now get it.

At long last I welcome some movement by Dundee City Council on this issue. It is crucial that people in the West End make their voice heard on the issue of the residents' parking scheme. I have spoken to council officers and I believe that they wish to have an effective consultation and to hear from as many people as possible. However, the council can only listen to representations which are made to them.

This idea was developed by my ward-colleague Councillor Macpherson when he was the Convener of Planning and Transportation which is over three years ago, I hope that progress will now be made on this matter. People need to consider whether they think that there is a problem with parking in their area and whether a residents' parking scheme is the way to solve the problem and whether paying something in the region of £80 per year is worth it.

I am clear that I want a full, open and transparent consultation process where all the issues are considered and nothing is hidden from the people of the West End. Then I want to listen to the voice of the people of the West End. If they want a residents' parking scheme I want to see swift progress towards it and no more foot-dragging. If the people of the West End do not want the residents' parking scheme then we need to move forward and look at other solutions for some of the parking issues in the West End.

I will be keeping a close eye on the process.

Above all when the time comes it is important that the people of the West End make their views known and that the council listens to the views of the people.