Visit to Dundee Women's Aid

This afternoon I visited Dundee Women's Aid which is based in the West End ward.  Recently Scottish Women's Aid wrote to councillors and gave a briefing about their work and suggested that local councillors might want to meet up with their local women's aid service.  I was pleased to get the chance to hear about the work of Dundee Women's Aid; I am disappointed that their services are required, but I know they do a great job.

I am clear that there can never be any excuse for violence against women and that we need to look at ways in which we can educate men that violence against women is never acceptable.

It was good to hear about the support which can be given to women and families in need.  I will be raising a number of issues with the City Council and others to see if they have are able to help Dundee Women's Aid even more.  You can see how you could help Dundee Women's Aid here.