Progress on Living Wage Implementation

Today I  sought an update on Dundee City Council's plans to implement the Living Wage across the council and also to look at how it can be implemented by external bodies who currently provide services to the council. I have been calling on the council to implement this policy for some time and was very pleased when it was agreed by all councillors except Conservative councillors in March of this year.

I believe that the City Council should be taking a lead in ensuring that people are paid an appropriate rate for the jobs that they do. I also recognise that this would ensure that people have more money in their pockets which would be good for economy of the city in general. I was pleased when this policy was agreed back in March but it is now important that the council is seen as making progress in this area.

The council should be leading the way and leading by example in the city, campaigning for the Living Wage to paid right across the city in all sections of the the economy. The council can do this by ensuring that companies which the council deals with pay the Living Wage. The council should be concerned about the way in which companies they deal with operate, the council should be concerned about the standard of work, about whether they offer apprenticeships, about their health and safety record and about the rates of pay that they offer.

I have written to the Chief Executive of the City Council looking for an update on this important policy, it is important that it is implemented and that the campaign for the Living Wage across the city goes on.