Local Community Planning in the West End

This week I attended the launch of the Local Community Plans for every ward in the city.  I also attended the West End Local Community Planning Partnership.  It is important that the council is responsive to the needs of local people.  I would argue that the Local Community Planning Partnership should have a budget which would allow it to deliver on the communities priorities.  This would be for small scale initiatives for example dealing with graffiti or potholes.

The West End Local Community Plan can be found here and is well worth reading.  Thursday's meeting was very interesting, firstly we got a presentation from a 10 year-old West End resident who was looking for action to deliver a skate-park in the West End, perhaps in Lochee Park.  This was very interesting and I will certainly be supporting this and asking the various council departments to discuss how possible this is.  There was also a presentation on the council's pilot scheme to look at extending the types of material which can be recycled.  This pilot will not include the West End and I would say that it is important it includes the types of housing that we have in the West End.  I will be following this pilot closely.  It is important that the council finds ways of developing appropriate recycling facilities for tenements.