What on Earth!? at Dundee Rep

This morning I took a break from electioneering and went to Dundee Rep to see a performance by Scottish Dance Theatre of their children's piece What on Earth!? The performance was certainly enjoyed by the young people round about me with many of them laughing out loud throughout the show. This was a bit of a new departure for Scottish Dance Theatre but was well worth it. This piece will be in Scottish Dance Theatre's repertoire for the next couple of years and I hope that they will consider more pieces aimed at children in the future. Scottish Dance Theatre is something of a hidden gem for Dundee, but Dundonians should be proud of the international quality of the work they do based at Dundee Rep. I know that for many people dance might not be their 'cup of tea' but I would say that, whilst like every other art form, it won't be everyone's 'cup of tea' it might just surprise you.