Disgraceful Vandalism at the McManus Galleries

I have responded to reports of vandalism at the McManus Galleries. As the councillor who took the lead in the refurbishment of the McManus I am sickened by vandalism to this important part of Dundee's heritage. It is disgraceful that anyone would vandalise this beautiful building. The McManus belongs to the people of Dundee so it is likely that in some sense whoever has done this has done it to their own property. This has caused as much as £2,500 worth of damage. There are much better things that £2,500 could be spent on than repairing the work of vandals. I hope that those who are responsible are caught.

Anyone with information should speak to Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.

Only recently I visited the excellent FCB Caddell exhibition at the McManus.