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Civil Service Jobs for Dundee

Jobs are my top priority for the people of Dundee. I think that one of the ways we should be promoting jobs in the city is to ensure that UK and Scottish Government jobs are distributed around the country. The previous Labour-led Scottish Executive made a start with organisations like OSCR and the Care Commission being based in Dundee but there is scope for more.

In this week's papers we have the bizarre situation of an SNP MP, Mike Weir, calling for UK Government jobs to be distributed to Scotland. He seems to have forgotten that he is campaigning for the abolition of the United Kingdom. It is also strange that the SNP Scottish Government has not been known for distributing jobs around the country. Instead the SNP are centralising power in Edinburgh.

I am campaigning for jobs for Dundee. I think that there should be more civil service jobs in Dundee for both the UK and Scottish Government. It is a shame that neither of the incumbent government's agree.