Re-launch of Whitehall Theatre and its new website

On Tuesday evening I attended a meeting which effectively re-launched the Whitehall Theatre. I was very concerned when it appeared that the Whitehall Theatre might close. I was very pleased when the City Council found a way to secure the future of the Theatre at least for the next year. It is very important that over the next year that the theatre is well used and returns to being an important part of Dundee's cultural life.

The plans which I heard at last night's meeting give me confidence that this is the case and that those who are now on the trust and those from the City Council and Leisure & Culture Dundee who are working together know how to face the challenges ahead.

One of the means by which they are facing up to the challenges is through a new website and a new social media presence on facebook and twitter. If you want to know about what is going on at the theatre you can keep up-to-date through the very impressive website or through facebook and twitter.

There is also a hope that community groups in the West End, even ones not concerned with theatre, will be able to use some of the spaces at the Whitehall. Get in touch with the theatre if you are interested.

I was going to wish the Whitehall Theatre good luck for the future but I know that is considered bad luck in the theatre so, as they say 'break a leg!'