Council Committee Meetings

Tonight saw meetings of the Education, City Development and Policy and Resources Committees.

At the City Development Committee there were some interesting reports but I was disappointed that the report which proposed reduced speed limits on various roads including Riverside Drive was withdrawn. I am led to believe that this report will be re-submitted to the committee in the near future. I hope that this is case and I hope that road safety is the top priority in this policy. I have raised my concerns about the proposals for Riverside Drive and I was worried that the police had raised concerns about their ability to effectively police a reduced speed limit. I am seeking further briefings on this important issue.

At the Policy and Resources Committee I was pleased that the council has been able to offer at least a year of support for the Whitehall Theatre. The Whitehall Theatre provides a great venue for a wide range of performers from comedians to amateur dramatic societies. I will be keeping a close eye on progress and hoping that this sets the Whitehall Theatre up on a more secure footing for the future.