Development Management Committee

Tonight I attended a meeting of the Development Management Committee. The main item under consideration was an application for an Asda Superstore to be built on the former NCR site at Kingsway West. In terms of planning regulations there were few reasons to object to this proposal. I hope that when these plans are brought to fruition that there are real, new jobs created. I also hope that these proposals will not have too detrimental an impact on pre-existing shopping areas, such as Lochee High Street or indeed the Perth Road. Prioritising support for areas such as these should form a major part of Dundee City Council's policy towards economic development.

On a related planning matter, the application for a retail outlet on the Hawkhill where the car wash is at the moment has been withdrawn. While an application is live as a councillor I am unable to express an opinion publicly on the merits or otherwise of it. This is because decisions at the Development Management Committee are quasi-judicial and councillors need to examine all the available information.

It may well be the case that another application or similar applications will come forward but as things stand there will not be a supermarket on the car wash on the Hawkhill.