West End Needs Clarity on Residents Parking Scheme

I'm concerned about the on-going delays in implementing a Council decision to consult formally on a residents parking scheme in the West End. It is essential that people in the West End have clarity about these proposals. You can read the last report to the council here from page 31 onwards.

There are many problems related to car parking in the West End. I do not think that all of these problems have easy solutions, there are now many cars in streets that just were not designed with car parking in mind. The City Council agreed to consult on a residents car parking scheme, this has been delayed and delayed and delayed. I think that people in the West End are less interested in the reasons why the consultation has not been brought forward and more interested in having a clear sense of what the council is doing with regard to the parking issues in the West End.

I am not convinced that the residents parking scheme is the solution to the problems in the West End. Not least among my concerns would be that the cost would seem to me to be a problem, with an indicative figure of £80 per year mentioned in previous reports. We need a decision on this, the people of West End should be presented with the full proposal and given the opportunity to have their say. If the residents parking scheme is what they want then let's move forward; if not let's look at alternatives. In the meantime little is being done about the very real issues in the West End around car parking. Clarity and action are required.

I have grave concerns about the impact a residents parking scheme might have on businesses in the West End. At a time when we should be all we can to promote the Perth Road shops I think that we need to ensure that we are supporting them as much as possible.

If council officers and/or the Administration of the City Council do not support the residents car parking scheme they should make this clear and bring forward alternative proposals.