Tayside Police Joint Board

On Monday I attended a special meeting of the Tayside Police Joint Board, you can see the agenda here. There was an interesting discussion about the recently published report Holding to Account published by the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland. This report suggested some changes to the way in which complaints are dealt with especially at the Complaints Sub Committee. The aim is for more openness and for transparency and that is definitely something which the police, and indeed all public services, should be aiming for. There was some discussion about the practicality of one of the suggestions, to have Complaints Sub-Committee meet away from the police headquarters. Practically this would require a large number of extremely sensitive files to be transported to other locations and does beg the question about how appropriate this is.

The main item on the agenda about Police Staff Council Negotiations Pay and Conditions of Service, this is an issue which has been much discussed in the press, was heard in private session.