Committee Meetings 23 May 2011

Monday evening saw meetings of the Education, City Development and Social Work and Health Committees of the City Council.

The main item at the Education Committee was a progress report on car parking and drop-off near to Primary schools. It is clear that progress has been made however there is still more to do. Every effort must be made to ensure that the areas around our schools are as safe as possible. This means that the current campaign needs to be supported and also renewed on an on-going basis. If you have any concerns about safety near to any of the schools in the West End please get in touch with me.

The City Development Committee heard about plans to spend money to upgrade the bus information at bus stops. This is good but it is important that the system is robust and that it works more often than not.

The Social Work and Health Committee looked at how the council will manage external provision of care; it must ensure that standards are maintained and that cost is not the only consideration. The Committee also considered reforms to the Blue Badge scheme. There can be no excuse for abusing the blue badge by drivers who are not disabled but any changes must not penalise those who rely on the scheme to maintain their mobility.