Support WWF Earth Hour

I am supporting WWF's Earth Hour at 8.30 pm on Saturday 26th March.

I am concerned about the future of our planet. Protecting the environment is very important and if I am elected to the Scottish Parliament I will be doing all that I can to protect the environment. I have supported Earth Hour in the past and I am delighted to do so again this year.

Labour will be taking the environment seriously if we are elected at the Scottish election;

Labour backs Earth Hour and pledges to make homes in Scotland more green

As record numbers of people in Scotland prepare to turn off their lights this evening in support of WWF's Earth Hour, Scottish Labour has reaffirmed its pledge to make more homes more energy efficient to cut carbon emissions.

A Labour government in Scotland will set an initial target to have 10,000 more homes producing renewable energy across the country in the next four years.

Elaine Murray, Labour candidate for Dumfriesshire, said:

"Earth Hour is a great way to bring people together to focus minds on tackling climate change.

"It's encouraging to know that there is record support in Scotland for the event this year and it shows what an important issue this is for people.

"If we all take small steps to save energy then collectively we can make a big difference. That is why a Labour government in Scotland will take action to minimise carbon emissions through our 'Green Deal'.

"Over the next four years, we'll aim to retrofit 10,000 homes and business premises with insulation, household and community renewables.

"These steps will create jobs and help people reduce their fuel bills and that's good news for families across the country. These are the things that matter and that's why Labour will focus our efforts on making them happen."