Dundee City Council Metings 24 January 2011

Monday evening saw a very long meeting of the council's committees, this was due to a long debate about the biomass proposals which I'll cover elsewhere.

The Education Committee agreed to refurbish the roof at Blackness Primary School. I was pleased to see this investment in this popular West End school. My colleague Laurie Bidwell attempted to raise a debate on the educational impact of proposed cuts in the education budget. Debate on this important matter in the Education Committee with the church representatives and teacher representatives present was stifled by the Administration. It is a shame that debate was stifled we should be listening to the views of the teacher representatives on the committee as well as the church representatives.

At the City Development Committee I welcomed the proposals that the council demonstrate its concern about the future of RAF Leuchars. I've made clear that any changes to Leuchars would have an adverse effect on the Dundee economy.

At the Housing Committee the SNP Administration pushed through a 4.5% rise in council house rents. They hid behind procedural rules rather than explain their position to the committee which was very unfortunate.