Tuition Fees

I was very disappointed to see the result of the tuition fees debate today. I am appalled at the violence which has taken place, I'm not sure that it helps to make the case. It is clear that politicians should not make promises that they will not keep. The Lib Dems could have argued their case. Politics is about choices, yes these are difficult financial times but this was a choice to cut higher education funding in England (and this will have a knock-on effect due to the Barnett formula).

Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland Ann McKechin MP has commented on this;

“Tonight will be seen as a betrayal of young people throughout the United Kingdom.

“The impact of the decision will damage higher education not just in England but in Scotland too and we should not let the LibDems and Tories forget that.

“After the countless promises made by Liberal Democrats against fees increases it not just a black day for education but also one for honesty in politics.

“We are now moving to a system where England will have the highest public university fees of any industrialised nation in the world and Scotland will also take a huge hit in funding. Access to higher education will be set back for a generation. This Government has comprehensively failed to protect the future for our younger generation.”

John Denham who made an excellent speech in the House of Commons has also commented upon the vote tonight.

The video here shows a video of Dundee University Rector Brian Cox discussing his views on university funding. I think that his idea of everyone involved in university life joining together to discuss how to fund universities and student support.