Rail Improvements for Dundee?

I am calling for rail improvements in the Dundee area. A new line opened today between Bathgate and Airdrie which should improve services in the central belt. Rail companies, the Scottish and UK Governments and local authorities and local businesses should look at ways in which the rail service in the Dundee area could be improved if they worked together in the interests of the city.

I welcome the opening of this new line between Bathgate and Airdrie. I support improving the rail system in Scotland. I think that some consideration should be given to promoting further rail improvements around Dundee. I want to look at the frequency of services to Scotland's other cities, I want to ensure that direct services continue between Dundee and England, I want to see if we can get more regular services which stop at all the stations along the Tay Estuary. I was pleased that the City Council decided last week to make its voice heard about the need for Network Rail to support the Tay Estuary Rail Study. I think that this is a scheme that has a great deal of merit and that Network Rail and others should be looking to see how and when it could be implemented.

I have been campaigning for an improved railway station in Dundee, it is just as important to deliver improved rail services to Dundee and I hope that over the next few years the council, Network Rail, the train operating companies and the Scottish and the UK Governments will work together to deliver these which would be in the best interests of our city and our country.