RAF Leuchars - Concerns about Dundee spin-off

I have raised my concerns about the possible spin-offs to the Dundee economy which might be caused by the proposed closure of RAF Leuchars. I have contacted council officers to ask about the possible impact on the Dundee economy and also about the possible impact on the future of Dundee Airport. I have also written to the Ministry of Defence asking for some clarity on the issue.

I am concerned about reports which suggest that the future of RAF Leuchars is under threat. I hope that this possible closure does not have a detrimental impact on the defence of the UK. I am seeking information about the potential impact on the Dundee economy. I presume that there are a number of Dundee businesses which receive orders from RAF Leuchars and its associated workforce.

I am also concerned that there have been suggestions that RAF Leuchars could be used as a commercial airport, with the likes of Ryanair operating from it. Such a proposal might actually be good for Dundee but I think it is important that we consider all the implications. If Leuchars was operating as an airport what would the impact be on future of Dundee Airport? Dundee Airport is important for Dundee's business and academic community and makes a contribution to the economic development of the city. The City Council while not now operating Dundee Airport has invested money in the airport over many years, it is important that the impact on the investment which the council has made is considered.