Minister Resigns

The SNP Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson was right to resign. His complacency during the worst of the weather last week was inexcusable. It was a shame that it took so long for him to resign, apparently the First Minister tried to persuade him to stay on. This shows how out of touch the SNP Administration has become.

Labour leader Iain Gray has commented upon this resignation:

“Scotland had lost confidence in the Transport Minister and it was only right that he should resign. The First Minister should not have stretched the issue out over the last week and acted more decisively at an earlier stage.

"Labour had also contacted the Scottish government asking for a meeting so we can contribute suggestions as to how we can help improve the response to severe weather warnings and we hope for a positive response from the First Minister. “

The weather has been better over the last couple of days but there is still much to be done to clear up the snow and ice from streets in Dundee and beyond. There are also reports, which I hope that the new minister has watched, that snow and ice may return towards the end of the week. The country must deal better with poor weather over the rest of the winter.