Welcome for Progress on Harris Academy

Today I have welcomed progress towards the refurbishment of Harris Academy. I've been frustrated at the slow pace of progress on this important project.

I welcome the fact that the
City Council's Education Committee will be discussing the issue of forming a project board for the refurbishment of Harris Academy at its meeting tonight. Progress is required on this important project. It is a shame that it has taken so long for progress to happen. This is largely due to the Scottish Government insisting on using the Scottish Futures Trust as the funding model. This model has yet to lay a single brick. Now the model has been changed into what trade unions describe as 'PFI in all but name' we might see progress. I am disappointed for the staff, pupils and parents associated with Harris Academy that progress has not been made before now, I am also disappointed for those in the construction industry that progress has not been made before now. The Labour Group is prepared to work with the Administration to bring forward these plans sooner than is currently envisaged.