Scotland should play in Dundee

I have contacted the Scottish Football Association to urge them to stage either full internationals or age-related international matches in Dundee. This was after Scotland had played the Faroe Islands at Pittodrie Stadium in Aberdeen in an friendly international match on Tuesday evening.

I am pleased that Scotland won Tuesday's match, it was also good that the match was played in Aberdeen. Hampden Park is the spiritual home of Scottish football and I think that big matches should be played at Hampden, however I also think that internationals should sometimes be played outside Glasgow not least of which in Dundee. I have written to the Chief Executive of the Scottish Football Association, Stewart Regan, asking that the SFA consider hosting international matches in Dundee. Hosting matches in Dundee would bring attention to the city and bring visitors to the city and this would have an economic benefit. This could also benefit Dundee's clubs who could receive a fee for the use of the ground. International matches have been played in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Kilmarnock in recent years I think that Scotland fans in Dundee and surrounding area should get the chance to watch the national team close to home.