Laying of Crosses - Remembrance

On Saturday along with other councillors, officers of the council, veterans' groups and members of the public I took part in the ceremony of Laying of the Crosses. This is where the garden of remembrance outside the City Churches is inaugurated. I think that it is important that we remember those who have fought on our behalf in the past, those who have given their lives and those who still suffer.

I thought of my great uncles who took part in the Second World War. My uncle David who was killed in an accident whilst in the army, and my uncle Jack who sailed in the Artic Convoys, and my uncle Bertie who was in the Eighth Army in the desert. I also thought about my grandads one of whom was in the National Fire Service throughout the war, the other who built tanks but also worked as an ARP warden. I also thought about my great-aunt Catherine who worked with the British Government in Germany after the war.

It is important to consider how the people of our time have not had to deal with the turbulent times which those who lived through the Second World War had to.

We must all work for peace, to promote reconciliation and prevent wars. We should also remember those who have suffered in wars. For information on Poppyscotland visit their website.