McManus 150,000 visitors

I am absolutely delighted that the refurbished McManus Galleries: Dundee Art Galleries and Museum has now been visited by over 150,000 people. I am delighted that as Convener of Leisure, Arts and Communities I played a small part in making the vision of a refurbished museum a reality. It is important that those who have achieved this success the staff of the McManus continue to be supported to deliver top quality exhibitions.

I agree with Monday's Evening Telegraph which described the McManus as a 'jewel in our crown.' The opinion piece from the paper is below:

'The news that the mcManus galleries have attracted more than 150,000 people is a huge boost for Dundee.

People outside this area often look down their noses at this great city, tending to focus on the poverty that affects some of our residents.

However, we now have a booming cultural life of which we should all be proud.

There is no doubt that the McManus galleries development has been a huge success, which is reflected in those amazing numbers.

The success comes as excitement continues to build over the V & A, with the final designs set to be chosen within weeks.

That project, too, has proved hugely popular, with thousands of people taking part in the public consultation over the designs.

That type of interest shows that Dundee has moved on from its old description of the city of the three Js.

It is now leading the way as a modern and vibrant community that is pushing the boundaries.'