Learning and Teaching Scotland jobs must stay in Dundee

I have called on the City Council to make its views known to the Scottish Government over the need for Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) jobs to remain in Dundee after the organisation merges with Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education (HMI(e)) in July next year.

I have some concerns about whether this proposed merger will be good for Scottish education, but I am also very concerned that the Learning and Teaching Scotland office currently in Dundee remains here. Dundee does not have its fair share of Scottish Government jobs and I want to make sure that those that are in the city remain here. I have written to the City Council's Chief Executive asking whether the Council has made any representations about this important issue. In the current economic climate we must do all we can to stand up for Dundee and deliver as many job opportunities in the city as possible. I hope that the City Council will speak with one voice calling for, at the very least, those jobs which are already in the city to be retained in the city.