Welcome Return for Christmas

I welcome the return of Christmas to the Christmas light switch-on in Dundee. The city's industrial chaplain has instigated a Nativity Play in the city on the evening of the Christmas Lights switch-on.

I warmly welcome this initiative by Rev Allan Webster, the city's
work place chaplain. I was like many people, hugely disappointed that Christmas was initially excluded from the so-called ,'Winter Light Night Celebrations' last year. The people of Dundee understand that the lights are switched on in the run-up to Christmas it was wrong to try to hide the fact. My friend and colleague Councillor Mohammed Asif was absolutely correct last year when he pointed out that if this was meant so as not to cause offence to non-Christians then it did the absolute opposite. Indeed in Westminster Hall last Friday Pope Benedict XVI highlighted the down playing of Christmas in the 'questionable belief' that this will prevent offence. Christmas is an important part of our cultural heritage and should be celebrated. I am glad that the council will be giving Christmas due prominence this year.