Visit to Riverside Composting Facility

This morning I visited Riverside Composting Facility where garden waste is turned into compost by the City Council's Waste Management Department. The department has produced a leaflet which outlines how the process works and you can see it here.

Every so often constituents raise concerns with me about the smells which emanate from the site so I was keen to see what actually goes on. I was very impressed with the work which does boost the council's green credentials. However, there is no doubt that from time to time the process does produce smells which are unacceptable to people who live in the West End. I have been reassured that every effort is made to alleviate the worst of these problems and if problems are brought to the attention of the Waste Management Department every effort will be made to solve the problem. I am happy to take up any concerns which people may have on this issue.
The picture above shows some of the windrows of garden waste which are in the process of being turned into compost.