A Budget that picks on the poor

Back in June I said that the ConDem Government's budget would pick on the poor. I am surprised that the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) has published a report today which suggests that I was right. You can read the IFS report here. This report states that the Budget was regressive and it did not pay enough attention to equality issues.

In local government we should be worried about this. Dundee City Council is about to make a number of cuts. It is important that what ever cuts the secret cabal set up by the SNP Administration comes up with are tested for their equality impact. It is likely that the cuts in Dundee will also be regressive and it is important that councillors keep a focus on this. We cannot have a situation where the poorest in society face a double whammy of regressive Con Dem cuts from Westminster, backed by regressive SNP cuts from Holyrood and the City Council.

Fairness should be the basis for all actions by government at every level.