Progress on Riverside Nature Park

I welcome progress towards the Riverside Nature Park becoming a reality. I met with officers of the council to hear about the latest moves in this process and I am pleased to say that I was informed that a report will be submitted to the council on the Riverside Nature Park soon.

Since I was elected I have been approached by constituents on a regular basis who want to know about progress towards the opening of a nature park at Riverside. The former landfill site is already a haven for wildlife and could become even more so once this project comes to fruition. I met with officers to get an update and I was pleased to hear that they plan to bring forward a report to the City Council on this project in the near future. I have been very impressed with the way in which council officers have engaged with members of the public about these proposals over the last few months. I look forward to examining this forthcoming report in detail when it is produced.