Welcome for Newspaper Digitisation

I welcome the news that Dundee company Brightsolid is to work in partnership with the British Library to digitise 40 million pages from the national newspaper collection. I have a doctorate in history and spent many weeks at the British Newspaper Library in Colindale, London whilst researching for for my doctorate, ironically most the material I was looking at in London had been published in Dundee but was only available to researchers in London.

I think that this is great news for Dundee and great news for history researchers. It is great that Dundee is at the forefront of this modern technology. Dundee has always been at the forefront of the newspaper industry and it is fitting that the modern storage of newspaper archives is being pioneered in Dundee. Whilst studying for my PhD I spent many weeks at the British Newspaper Library in north London. It is good to know that in the future researchers will be able to consult these resources from wherever they are. I hope that this scheme will open up access to everyone and that people with an interest in history will be able to consult these resources. It is great that this resource will not just be for professional historians and academics but will be open to anyone. I look forward to this project being brought to fruition and wish it every success.

You can read more about this and see a video about this excellent news here.