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Dundee West Elects a local champion

I am delighted to say that my friend and colleague Jim McGovern has been re-elected as the MP for Dundee West. You can see the result here.

Jim and Labour's campaign team fought very hard for this victory. It was very satisfying for Jim to increase his majority. The SNP threw a great deal of resources at this seat. In the West End we were also treated to the bizarre sight of a former Conservative and Unionist councillor putting his name to an endorsement of the SNP candidate.
I certainly enjoy election day, for party activists it is always a long day, but it is good to listen to the concerns of local people. I spoke to a lot of people in the West End on Thursday and will be taking up a number of constituency cases as a result.
I look forward to working closely with Jim in the future championing the concerns of the people of the West End of Dundee.