Dundee Fairtrade Status Promoted

I welcome the revamped Dundee City Council website and particularly welcome the fact the the front page acknowledges that Dundee is a Fairtrade City. I am a long-standing supporter of Fairtrade and a member of the management committee of the Dundee Fairtrade Forum.

I welcome the revamped website for the council, it is important that the council uses as many modern means of communication to speak to the people we serve, the people of Dundee. Modern communications can enhance transparency and I hope that this revamped website will do just that.

I particularly welcome the fact the website now carries the logo of Fairtrade City on it. I have been looking for ways in which the City Council can encourage Fairtrade and also celebrate that Dundee is a Fairtrade City for some time. In this small way the council is acknowledging that how we source the goods we use is important.