Welcome for Budget

I listened to the Chancellor making the Budget announcement today. Whilst it is clear that there are still many issues with regard to the international economy I was pleased with what I heard. I am particularly pleased about the tax relief benefit for the computer games sector, as Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy says 'this is a real shot in the arm for Dundee.'

My colleague Jim McGovern MP has been campaigning for this. Here are Jim's views on this news, 'Labour's budget recognises the value of the Games Industry in Scotland which is vital for Dundee 's economy. I have consistently called for tax relief for our games industry in Dundee . I have worked hard with the games industry and local business leaders in the campaign to get this boost. We are a world leader in games but we need a level playing field. This gives it to us and is a real boost for the city of Dundee . The Chancellor's announcement will allow this successful and innovative industry to flourish even further.'

I think that the Budget sets out the clear choice which will face the British people at the General Election. Alistair Darling set out the case today; it is also clear that the UK General Election will be a two-horse race between Labour and the Tories, between help for the many and help for the few.