Welcome for Progress on Railway Station

Reports in today's Courier suggest that some progress is being made with regard to refurbishing Dundee's Railway Station. Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has been leading the charge on this important issue, you can read his views here. You can see my views as one of the local councillors as well as the views of my colleague Councillor Tom Ferguson, Labour's spokesperson for City Development below.

Welcome for progress on Railway Station

Labour today welcomed plans to revamp Dundee Railway Station. Labour's City Development spokesperson, Councillor Tom Ferguson and local West End Councillor Richard McCready, have been calling for action at the station.

Councillor Tom Ferguson said, 'Dundee Station has been an eyesore for too long. It provides a dreadful welcome to the city and gives the wrong first impression. I welcome proposals to invest in the station. Network Rail must invest in the East Coast line north of Edinburgh. Dundee should have a railway station that befits a major Scottish city, this needs a commitment from everyone concerned.'

Councillor Richard McCready said, 'As the local councillor I am pleased to see progress on the railway station. I will be seeking a briefing from the Director of City Development about the plans. I am a regular user of Dundee Railway Station and I am absolutely convinced that if it the station was a more pleasant place more people would use the trains. Dundee Station needs investment I have seen investment going on across Scotland and I have been unhappy that Dundee has been left out. My colleague Jim McGovern MP has led the campaign for the station to be refurbished and it is good to see a start to the process. The station has been a poor advert for the city for too long, action is required and it is good to see progress being made. I expect Network Rail to deliver.'