Welcome for Guide to Committee Meetings

I received a copy of the Guide to Committee Meetings which has been produced by Dundee City Council. This is a document which I asked the council to produce and I welcome it.

Welcome for Guide to Committee Meetings

West End Councillor Richard McCready today welcomed the publication by Dundee City Council of a Guide to Committee Meetings. Councillor McCready wrote to the Chief Executive of the Council prior to the summer asking for such a guide to be produced. Councillor McCready acted after a number of constituents had attended council meetings and had been very confused by what had gone on.

Councillor Richard McCready said, 'I welcome the publication of this guide. It is important that the work of the council is open and accessible to the people who elected us. It is easy for the council to get mixed up in jargon and procedures but we need to ensure that the public can see what we are doing and understand what is going on.'

'I have visited the Scottish Parliament and the House of Commons and in both there are leaflets available to members of the public to help them understand what is going on. I hope that this document will help people understand what the council does. Since my election in 2007 I have been disappointed that there have not been better attendances at council meetings by members of the public. The council makes decisions on behalf of the people of Dundee it is important that the people of Dundee can have access to the meetings where these decisions are made.'

'I welcome this document and hope that the council will continue to work to make its work open and accessible to everyone in Dundee.'