Illegal Adverts in the West End

An issue which I have had to raise on a number of occasions is the issue of illegal adverts. These adverts disfigure our communities and they also disadvantage those businesses which take their responsibilities seriously. A picture of the advert is displayed here, below is the statement which I issued yesterday.

Illegal Adverts in the West End

West End Councillor Richard McCready has today written to Dundee City Council's City Development department seeking action on an illegal advert which has appeared at the Sinderins junction in the West End ward. Councillor McCready is concerned that illegal adverts disadvantage companies who operate within the rules. Councillor McCready is seeking a reassurance that companies within Dundee understand that there are rules and that they should stick to them.

Councillor Richard McCready said, 'I was disappointed to see yet another illegal advert appear at the Sinderins junction. This advert is for a take-away restaurant, there are hundreds of restaurants, cafes, bars and take-aways offering food to customers in Dundee if they all behaved like this there wouldn't be a space in the city without an advert. I have raised the issue with the City Development department and asked them to take appropriate action to ensure that this company removes this advert. I also want reassurance that the City Council has told business bodies within Dundee that this is unacceptable.'

'I understand that this is a tough time for businesses but such illegal adverts discriminate against those businesses which stick by the rules. I want to promote business in Dundee but that requires fairness. It is not fair to turn a blind eye to some organisations flouting the rules.'

'Businesses have a duty to behave in a responsible manner. I would call on all of Dundee's businesses to act responsibly.'